Dylyver Airdrop campaign

Dylyver is a ride sharing and on demand package delivery platform that aims to disrupt the transportation market by exploiting the benefits of blockchain technology and by introducing Dycoin token as a payment unit within its decentralized ecosystem. Together, our two proprietary mobile applications form one unique service and income system for users:  

 - A ridesharing solution that enables users to order a vehicle in a matter of seconds. 
 - A package delivery platform where users can ship their packages with people that are travelling in the same direction.

How to participate

  1. Register on the website 
  2. Join the telegram channel
  3. Fill this FORM

 Limit: 10 000 participants (or $500 000)
 - Airdrop size: 200 Dycoin (DYC) tokens ($20 USD worth of DYC tokens). - End date: End of ICO or till the participant limit is reached.  - ICO details: https://ico.dylyver.com/

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